About the Round 11 category

Algovera’s mission is to allow anyone in the world to participate and benefit from the value created by AI and to distribute the value created by the AI to those who contributed to make the AI. We envision a creator economy for AI teams.

One aspect of facilitating our mission is the Algovera Grants program (sponsored by Ocean Protocol).

We are currently in our 11th grant round, where ten projects are awarded with $1000 each to allow devs to work on the projects they’re passionate about within AI & Web3.

Here’s how grant round 11 will work:

Open Application Period

  • From the 25th to the 10th, the application period is open for you to apply for a grant
  • Take a look at the simple proposal template here
  • Make sure when you post your proposal, you do so under the category “proposals” and sub-category e.g. “round-11”

Community Review Period

  • From the 11th - 15th you and the community get to review the projects requesting a grant.
  • If you do a quality review, you’ll receive a reviewer’s reputation badge :raised_hands:

Voting Period

Finally, from the 19th - 23rd, the community will vote on which projects get funding, and funding will be given within one week of the 23rd.

At AlgoveraAI, we value positive-sum games where all ships will rise.
We’re looking forward to seeing your proposal :raised_hands:

We’re very grateful to Ocean Protocol Foundation for sponsoring Algovera Grants.