Algovera Academy: A perennial funnel for talent and ideas into the community

Algovera Academy

Algovera Academy: A perennial funnel for the right talent and ideas into the the Algovera Community.

Name of Project: Algovera Academy

Proposal in one sentence:
Create the spine and structures for the most communal AI learning initiative in web3.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:
Algovera Academy will aim to funnel through carefully and intentionally curated sieves the right ideas and talent (hopefully the best data scientists and coders) into the continually evolving Algovera community. Successive iterative development through the grants can be used initially with more planned form designed for later.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Process and Structure Formation: Algovera Academy
  • Set up community initiatives (Office Hours) to understand and devise bottoms up strategy for Algovera Academy.
  • Brainstorm potential tokenisation and avenues of rewarding learners.

Spread the Love:
This has to be the start of something truly big for Algovera and potentially creates the opportunities for this group of people to come together and decide the future of AI development. Algovera Academy cannot be a one man misson, it has to be in the long term setup by the community, for the community,


Squad Lead:
Jugaad Bhatia
Twitter: @jugaadbhatia1
Discord: jugaadbhatia#0949


Love this proposal!

Here are some of my initial thoughts…

Do you have any ideas of how the structure of the academy will be?
The goal of the academy seems to get top talent here. When they’re here, what do they do?
A reoccurring theme I see is that Algovera can sometimes be our members’ first step into web3.
That could be something the academy facilitates, web3 onboarding.

Again, happy this proposal is here. Looking forward to this evolving.


Hi Jugaad,

I’d like to understand the proposal better.
For instance, who is doing the curating and sieving? Towards what purpose?
How do you define ‘right’ talent and ideas?
I was unable to attend the proposal presentations but would appreciate any material on this.

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Hey wiseTy,
The idea behind the proposal is to get some of these variables sorted and put into an action plan for the community to both discuss and help start acting on.
The questions on structure and direction of talent could range from something as simple as very contextual web3 onboarding to our interested data scientists and ML engineers to an advanced course in product roadmapping, protocol and infrastructure studies, hackathons etc.
My goal here is to have a platform to tackle redundancies and give our audience the right pushes and nudges for them to have the best tools and equipment to achieve their ideas top potential.

Hey antaraxia,
Thanks for getting involved, I’d love to spend my time during the implementation answering some of these questions with the community.
But the proposal is to help create the right process (essentially what channel on discord, who monitors, what days etc.) I think the idea behind the Algovera Academy is to empower the community and engage with them in the pre-proposal stage, some key interventions to sieve and curate could be, enabling web3 onboarding such that people understand the viability of implementation across infrastructures and platforms (We could use some key influencer engagement to talk about projects, protocols that could enable even fast track the ideas that come to us).
Also i will present the idea on the November 21st at 12pm UTC, please do find the time if you can.

Hello @jugaadbhatia.eth,

This is an interesting proposal and whenever there is an academy or learning platform involved, i’m all for it!
I am not an AI expert nor builder so I’m coming from the perspective of discovering what the academy provides.
Is it more like an ambassador/mentor group? Is it to onboard them into web3? Are there potential educational modules for completion?
I ask as coming from working with, where we had a distinct “product” and broke down tools and/or applications in Ocean Protocol, it was obvious to us as to what to cover.
So here, would the Academy cover tools, or building, proposal drafting, or a mix of everything? And who would, I believe the question was asked, do the “sieving” of talent (I didn’t understand the response).
Lastly, the OA was granted continuous (recipient more or less bi annually) funds via the now defunct OceanDAO, and those grants usually covered module creation, updates, and server fees. But there was very little left over to ever compensate us, so much of what we did was contribution. So the academy was built mostly to run itself with minimal day to day oversight. I imagine as Algovera’s own grant program grows and consequently the amount of applicants, grants and sponsors will be sought. Do you have any ideas as to who that might be, outside of web3 as well?

Thanks for reading this and great proposal!