Announcement: Grant Proposal Template - Grant Round 11

For the title of your post, please use the format Project Name: Very Brief Description

Name of Project:

Proposal in one sentence:

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

Grant Deliverables:
choose deliverables you can complete in a month’s worth of part-time work

  • Grant Deliverable 1
  • Grant Deliverable 2

Spread the Love

If you plan to use some of the funds to reward contributions from other community members, please describe your desired roles/skillsets e.g. looking for a data scientist to work with me to develop a machine learning model. If successful, this role will be advertised on the Algovera opportunities board and DeWork.


Squad Lead:

  • Twitter handle
  • discord handle

Squad members:

  • Twitter handle
  • discord handle

Ensure all squad members are in the community directory by going here

Make sure to add a Twitter profile to your entry in the community directory so that we can tag you when promoting your project (e.g. here).

Additional notes for proposals

  • It’s highly encouraged to attach a video proposal, but a video is not required
  • If reapplying after winning a grant, to get the 2nd trench of funding & qualify for this grant round:
    • include a video demo or attachment of the deliverables of the previous round
    • Link the video or attachment within the written proposal or add it as a comment.