Around The Blockchain Chatbot [Grants Round 9 Proposal]

Proposal in one sentence

Law students build a simple proof-of-concept interactive Q&A app using information from their entirely-student-run Around The Blockchain cryptolaw newsletter.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving


Cryptolaw – namely Global DAO law – is a fast-moving, legally complex and uncertain environment.

It’s unlikely a team of experts can stay sufficiently noted up while also simplifying and transcribing all the relevant 3rd-hand information enough for public legal education.

There remains a need for fourth-hand, fifth-hand or higher interactive Q&A synthesization of Global DAO legal news and public legal education.

Project Summary

A proof-of-concept interactive AI app:

(i) export and store FeedlyAI-then-human-curated data from the ATBC website (compare Weekly roundups by AI Pub on Twitter) for easy use by an assistant;

(ii) build a simple AI app that interactively answers user questions using information from ATBC.

To start, we’ll use prompt engineering frameworks (i.e. no fine tuning yet).

Grant Deliverables

PoC interactive Q&A app by training the app on ATBC preprocessed Global DAO legal news & information.


LexClinic liaison: Kyle Smith (LexClinic Ops lead);

House lead: DClark law (LexClinic Ops; House Dclarklaw head);

Student: Tamara Szulc (Law Student, Around the Blockchain);

Student: Christopher Foreman (Law Student, Around the Blockchain);

Students: Surya and Noah

Around the Blockchain is a growing newsletter, written and published entirely by law students on the intersection of law and web3. After 8 months of operation, the letter has grown to 400 subscriptions, 7000+ readers, and over 700 pages and 100k words written.

Law Of Code is a highly respected web3 legal podcast. The PoC we build here will soon be used to create content for the podcast’s upcoming DAO Monthly with Jacob & Kyle.The Law of Code podcast, has ~60,000 downloads, ranging from 1900-600 downloads per episode, and covers a variety of topics including DAO legal risks and considerations

LexDAO is a longstanding member of web3 legal communities. We’ve pioneered important codeslaw public goods such as trustless UNA “TUNA” onchain legal entities as NFTs as well as code deference operating agreements in general. LexDAO is already exploring the AI lawtech space. Please visit our early-stage effort at and check out our “robot lawyer” description. We’re looking forward to having our initial collaboration with Algovera be a student-run AI PoC project. To support our public good efforts, please donate to or buy a codeslaw hat at .

Living Document


For the “FeedlyAI then human” curation can an Algovera workflow be practical?