Bombyx Fuzion - visually dynamic game featuring AI generated asset workflow and ML based gameplay in UE5

Bombyx Fuzion

A simple but engaging game built using AI generated source assets, manipulated with AI based workflow, running ML based game logic, and dynamically presented to the end-user in realtime via Unreal Engine 5.

Based on traditional tile type puzzle games, the game is presented in an abstract manner that helps the player realize ‘flow state’.

Supporting arbitrary XY table dimensions, the game scales from very simple to technically and mathematically complex. Gamplay logic challenges thus bear similarities for AI and ML to Chess, Go, Tetris. While the final game will be available without requiring technical capability from the player, the unique presentation serves to foster general interest in AI generated art, while a series of breakdown videos and written process documentation serves immediate community interest in pipeline and process; game assets are generated using a combination of diffusion, convolution, and GAN processes.

These processes include minor proprietary customizations to Stable Diffusion source code in Python, animating from the CLI, open-source AI tools, and traditional 2D/3D workflow processes. These assets are then cached and manipulated in realtime, with audio visualization and gameplay reactivity. Future updates will expand the onboard realtime gameplay AI, offer additional tutorial/breakdown content, provide free and paid DLC, and offer additional technical and commercialization opportunities.

This game currently builds and is playable in private release, with anticipated December 2022 public release.

David Wilhelm
ParticleStorm LLC

Discord: keyboardWillie#9291
ETH: 0x630fD58ffb412E6714dC444219A5eCC483E57A1a

Previous experience includes the prior Bombyx Alpha releases, available on Steam, and supporting VR / 2D play in multiple game modes. 30+ years experience professional polytechnical artist, specializing in music, film, animation (2D/3D/Stop Motion), compositing/VFX. Solo developer with contributing artists from across the globe, see for more information.

Bombyx is latin for Silkworm

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