Finding purpose for your web3 squad | Project Voodoo 🔮

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Project statement
Through my last round iteration (implementation here) I solved web3 on-boarding and squad formation, however, retention remains elusive. People join DAOs and think their raison d’être (sole objective) becomes the DAO’s initial collective goal. They blindly chase it, ignoring the possibility that it might not be potential best match for them or for DAO’s people and ultimately drop-off. This project aims to devise an algorithm to solve that via shuffling people (and DAOs) over different projects when they want to, conditioned on their intrinsic motivation.
This way DAOs become modular and can be “Plugged-in” to other DAOs.

The how
The base theory will be Active Inference which has demonstrated self-assembling and autopoiesis
in natural and machine intelligence.

  • Core squad for a project is assembled via Mutual Information (MI) analysis over project objective (o) and person skillset (s).
    image ; where H denotes Entropy

  • Now, after a while, one member finds they’re not really aligned and want a “shuffle”, this would call Voodoo algorithm to find an alternate project by searching in direction of the member’s gradient vector (mathematically signifying change).
    w_init (1)

  • While working on the initial objective, some members (or all) might have developed cohesion, therefore they can “lock-in squad” and then search in direction of the collective gradient vector. This would be a means to an informed web3 pivot.

Develop math for How(2&3) by

  • Forming Vodoo Gradient Vector (VGV).
  • Defining how the vector translates along other project’s latent space.
  • Encapsulating a squad in prior mentioned two for “lock-in”.
  • Finding Collaboration-Index at every geometric translation instance and hence the pivot.

Amit Singh (metamyth)
R&D, Paperplane Technology
Researcher, Active Inference Lab


Awesome proposal @metamyth and great progress since last time! It’d be great if you could run your demo live in a Junto-style call in the near future, I think a lot of people in the community would be interested to learn more about this. In your demo, is the project objective composed of similar variables like the person’s skillset? If not, how do you determine the mapping between the skillset array and the objectives to make sense of their mutual information?

Thanks @smejak. Yes, the objective has a ‘required skillset’ object when defining a project. However, in future, I’ll implement implicit mappings by semantic comparisons via word-embeddings. Also, not sure about a Junto-style, can you link an example please. Cheers!

Hey @metamyth cool one. I hink we can do add some search in latent space to extend this further. Lets connect!

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Hey! I’ve shipped multiple blockchain projects. I feel I can help with on-chain verification when matches are formed. Maybe reach out here.

Hey @metamyth, by junto I just meant an open discussion in the Discord/Gather where you could perhaps present some of your work & then have an open conversation.

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