Go to Market Analysis for Healthcare Data Analysis

Name of Project: Health-X Foundation

Proposal in one sentence:

A level 1 market analysis for Healthcare Data Analysis and commonly used data-sets for open-source research.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

The Healthcare domain being a vast domain, needs a dedicated focus for getting quality insights related to healthcare data and insights on data surrounding medical technology. Our grant deliverables have a strong focus to improve on that aspect

Grant Deliverables:

  • Grant Deliverable 1

A Level1 Analysis & Publication

What Level 1 means: A preliminary market analysis on General healthcare data analysis. Given the vast nature of the domain, we would like to begin with an active context to Algovera community and inviting potential stakeholders to the community. We expect this analysis to be done with good faith covering the broader macros of Healthcare data in context of AI & Web3.

We hope to continue more market analysis so that it improves the bandwidth of the AI& Web3 community to take up healthcare projects of social goods.

  • Grant Deliverable 2:

Conduct quality surveys for supplanting the market analysis done, with potential insights from stakeholders in the domain, in both Algovera & Non-Algovera community. If you, as a community member are interested in supporting us with quality survey analysis, please reach out/tag drprk.eth #1527 on Discord, or discuss directly on the #healthcare Project community.

  • Grant Deliverable 3:

Publishing of at-least 2 Quality newsletter summarizing the activity done by Health X Foundation. One newsletter will be community sourced information.

Funding Requested: 1000 USD

Other details:

Project Lead:

Dr. Prakash


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJohnD0e [Twitter contains the bio to my LinkedIn as well]

Telegram: @doctorprk


Open to add collaborators and contributors to the group

Home-base of the project:

You can find us on #Health-care on the Algovera discord

Socials: Not applicable at this point.

Value add for Algovera community:

The plan is to open up as many activities open to the community for this month, and planning to hold active engagement on the home-base of the project.


Elated on being part of the first proposal grant win.


Excited to take this forward as a squad activity on the Algovera #healthcare squad.

Our first activity will be exploring on Decentralized clinical trials and scoping out surveys related to Decentralized CT with Clinical Stakeholders.