HearHear: 10x your Discord voice meetings

Name of Project: HearHear

Proposal in one sentence:
Generate customizable insights from Discord voice events

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:
Discord is not built for formal meetings. But with the rise of web3, more and more entities start using Discord for formal communications.

I was in a DAO that uses Discord frequently for meetings. However, it’s hard to take and organize notes. So, I built a Discord bot that can record meetings and uses ML to transcribe recordings into transcripts. I’m also building a webapp where you can generate customized insights from meetings and access the raw transcripts with audio playbacks

Grant Deliverables:
I already have an MVP but want to take it to the next level. You are welcome to try out the bot!

  • Implement audio playback in a secure way
  • Make the transcripts page more fancy and implement sharing capability
  • Deploy the Discord bot on AWS for performance and scale


Squad Lead/Member:

  • @theXipuLi
  • GoodluckH#4622

Video Demo of the current product

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