Illusaq: interactive dashboards to learn about specific DAOs and the overall ecosystem

Name of Project
Illusaq: interactive dashboards to learn about specific DAOs and the overall ecosystem

Proposal in one sentence
We want to build a UX-focused interface trained on our in-depth reports on DAOs for people to learn about specific DAOs and DAOs in general.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving
DAOs are in disarray! Onboarding into most DAOs right now is a complicated and difficult task. While this is due to many factors that change from DAO to DAO, one of the root causes is the state of information organization at the DAO (or lack thereof). This situation is preventing growth at individual DAOs and limiting the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

We are performing audits of DAOs that include member surveys, comprehensive questionnaires from core contributors, on-chain data analytics, and assessment tests. This process creates an in-depth report and roadmap that helps a DAO organize better and decentralize more efficiently. The report and roadmap serve as a “living constitution” for the DAO and will be updated regularly by DAO members and us.

Our project will be two-fold:

  1. Train an AI bot on the audit report, roadmap, supporting data, and other sources and place it in a UX-focused dashboard so that DAO members and potential members can easily access critical and complex information regarding the DAO’s structure and systems
  2. Train an AI bot on our entire body of data from all DAO audits specifically to learn about DAO systems & structures so that we can begin to discover concepts such as Best Practices & Sufficient Decentralization from an industry-wide perspective

The name illusaq (the Inuktitut word for snow that “can become a house”) was chosen for this project because every DAO is unique, but we must find how to build structures that provide greater value and AI can help us do that.

Grant Deliverables

  • Template for DAO dashboard with AI bot to answer questions about a DAO to be used for all DAOs we audit in the future
  • A public interface for people to learn about DAOs via an AI chatbot based on our data, reports, etc

Squad Members

nir asaf

(We are the core team building Celium)


What will the dashboard display? Is it for research purposes to better understand DAOs or will it be a community dashboard for DAO members?

Here’s one example of a dashboard for DAOs that you may be trying to accomplish; curious how it differs from Illusaq.

I am still working on the UX, but the dashboard will heavily prioritize the use of the AI chat bot. The other info in the dashboard would be links to the sources of truth that the AI chat bot is learning from along with suggested conversations/questions to ask the bot (basically a mini-guide to help people get started).

Yes, there is a lot of data about on-chain activity in places like Terminal, deepdao, messari, etc but I believe this bot will solve a few key problems in this context.

  1. DAOs rarely put the data to use since parsing it into actionable information can be time-consuming and difficult
  2. ML will help DAOs get insight into the less defined, data-driven aspects of the DAO
  3. The chat interface enables access to every member and outsider to learn about the DAO, study it, and get information that’s otherwise gated for various reasons
  4. The bot can quickly and easily give DAOs insight into their rate of decentralization while also highlighting areas to work on
  5. The bot can provide historical records of DAOs from a data-first analysis that should be especially useful for future legislation
  6. It’s a UX-first approach to onboarding, learning, analyzing, and understanding a DAO
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