ML Model Profit Share Through Arweave

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

There is no consensus on the best way to share profits from machine learning models with contributors to the model architecture and/or datasets. This project will investigate whether this is possible with Arweave. So far Arweave PSC have been deployed for web apps, but not ML algorithms.

See this link for more on Smart Weave, an Arweave contract language that says it can run lazily on GPU:

See this link for more on Profit Sharing Communities, an Arweave framework for profit sharing with the community:

Grant Deliverables:

  • Create a basic model based on data from the community
  • Attempt to distribute ownership using PSC + deploy with Arweave.
    • I’m being non-commital here because I’m not sure if this is possible. All code will be OSS so if someone else has a better idea for how to pull this off, they can use this work.
  • Write a blog post on process + results


JB Rubinovitz


Have had a tab open to read up on profit sharing tokens from Arweave for a few weeks. Absolutely love this exploration.

Love this. I think there is a lot of inspirations to take from PSC for Algovera.

We want this! If you don’t get funding for the grant we (Akorn DAO) will fund you. Also there is openbits

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Also would be great to reward each time that code is used.