ORGZ x Algovera Commons: Begin of organizational development of the Commons

[Organizational development] ORGZ x Algovera Commons

Proposal in one sentence

This project covers the work to set a project plan to organizationally and operationally develop a decentralized Algovera Commons in March 2023.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving

1. Area to sublime and tension

To set a plan for developing Algovera Commons’ operational space. Its objective is to architect the conditions for improving contributors’ motivation, competence and coordination.

A DAOs organizational development debt is a source for tension weakening the three. This is example-wise felt as decreasing contributor health, growing disconnections such as in information-sharing, or slow decision-making velocity.

2. Project plan

1 On a high-level perform diagnostics with research to understand Algovera Common’s distributed evolution and linked challenges at the interface of

  • role design, role groupings;
  • org hierarchy;
  • authority designation;
  • team design inside the Commons;
  • and coordination between Algovera’s teams and external stakeholders;

2 With parties’ will and aspects considered to

  • define collaboration in its effective form in the Commons;
  • determine qualitative and quantitative improvements to operational conditions as it can best benefit Algovera;

Grant deliverables

The project’s delivery musters

  • focus points;
  • start targets;

for continuing organizational development.

Living document


Ai Tuonoin

tuonoin.eth // // Twitter: xyz__ai // Telegram: @atuonoin

Platform-product and org designer applying methods in social networks research, organizational sociology and service design.

// Present: Platform and organizational designer at Hea Care and collaborator with CurveLabs // Previously: Product designer at Gitcoin Moonshot Collective, Social networks student UCL’s Space Syntax Department


Can you give an example of organizational debt that’d decrease contributor health, etc?

Great question – Within fast-moving technologies, organizational debt’s effects on people’s mental health is well-discussed in MIT’s work and organization studies professor Erin Kelly’s book from 2020. It talks about tech contributors’ fatigue among too little resources and expectations around continuous availability.

Without organization design’s problem-framing and interventions in these environments, we wouldn’t in timely ways track, improve and evaluate changes to contributors’ health. Some examples of organizational work preventative of fatigue are setting up communication channels for contributors to voice their worries, re-establish practices or cultural norms around work and afterwards ask how it went.

Within DAOs this project by people from various projects’ People + Talent Ops will soon enable tracking contributors’ psychometric health data. Recommend following this project :slight_smile:

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