Project: Themistoklis

Project Themistoklis - a project by artificialLeap

What is Project Themistoklis?

Building the Future of Drone2Data To Fight Climate Change and Food Security
Mapping real-world maps made easy

Climate Change is perhaps the biggest threat facing humanity today. Climate Change creates a drier and hotter climate leading to wildfires that could further accelerate Climate Change. This forms a perfect positive feedback loop that could shrink our time to address the looming climate crisis. An early fire detection system aimed at detecting fire in the most inaccessible areas could be an important tool in this battle against climate change. Project Themistoklis aims to make it easy for anyone to map the real world using drones that could form the basis for many climate solutions.

We aim to use drones to capture the real world using cameras and other sensors. The captured data can be used to detect wildfire, survey biodiversity, monitor forest health, and provide valuable information that was once inaccessible. This drone2data tech stack we are developing will be as important in addressing food security when deployed at farms as it will be in addressing climate change.

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Github: Organization
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What we have built:

  • Fire detection model with YoloV5 and a web server to handle requests.
  • Real-time UDP connection between the Client and the World Server
  • Ocean Protocol automatic uploader through unity - More Information
  • Base Drone Model

Deliverables for this round:

  • Create account storage in the World Server and a login/register handler in the client
  • Finish the client UI and the function events
  • Create personalized settings for each account stored in the server
  • Create a test image stream between the Client and World Server and then to the Model Handler for object detection

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