Proposal Grant Round 10 - DAOMasons

Name of Project:

DAO Masons

Proposal in One Sentence:

DAO Mason are building DAO applications and are working on an AI model in order to aide contribution value analysis.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

DAO Masons originated as a “spin-off” DAO of DAOhaus. The summoners of DAO masons are all core members of DAOhaus. With the release of V3 of DAOhaus, as an open source, public good protocol, DAO Masons are in a position to provide guidance and build custom DAO applications using the DAOhaus toolset.

One of the truly amazing features of the newest moloch contract, is the ability to have customized “shaman” contracts. This adds functionality for a DAO to expand as far as the imagination can stretch. Which is where some of our current experimentation with AI originates.

As we build our DAO we wanted to learn from our experience in DAOs and ensure proper compensation for contributor’s to the DAO. With that, we have been working to develop a value rubric to be used as a tool to help establish contribution value. To aide in this we have created a synthetic dataset, training davinci-003 on our value rubric.

This has been succesful as we have a small finetuned model available on openai now. We aim to build this out on the front end of our DAO application and start using this is soon as we can.

A big focus on our DAO is in maintaining accountability to each other. In doing so, we meet daily to discuss our progress and our goals. We then follow up our meeting by registering our “checkin” directly on-chain and converts our hours worked, directly into shares in the DAO. However, as we scale, “hours worked” may not represent a true value for a contribution.

Besides contribution value assesments, we also plan to create a weekly prompt, which takes into account all of our checkins for the week, in order to aide us in further developing ourselves and our DAO.

Grant Deliverables

  • Create a much larger dataset to finetune our value rubric
  • Create a front end, accesible through our DAO checkin app.
  • Test sentiment prompts based on daily checkins.

Spread The Love

DAO Masons is currently developing a model whereby a portion of income from projects that choose to build with us, is reinvested in the DAO and into a fund which is dripped to members based on shares. The interesting thing is, nobody can buy shares in DAO Masons, they are earned by work, so our ide being, as long as you are putting in the work, you can have access to the stream. So, even if a person is not skilled in a project being worked on, they still have an opportunity to earn something, as a contributor to the DAO.

Squad Lead:

  • Boilerrat (Chris)

Squad Members

  • Jord

    • Discord: Jord#8018
  • UI369

    • Discord: UI369#6403