Proposal: Make an Open-Source Tesla with Algovera, OpenAVN and Helium

This is not a joke, I’ve been working on this a very long time. I can’t drive so my first prototype was actually a heads up display, that identified objects in real time. I was told that I had to integrate it into the Windshield at 0.9 nanometers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: In addition, I wanted to be able to drive a car with a game controller because I can’t use my feet that well. I presented in Detroit, and they said I had to integrate it into the steering wheel. So I thought about the Ferarri F1 racing wheel and went with something similar. I still need to talk to Ferrari about it. With FileCoin already having 1.19 PiB of public data we could leverage that to make a giant opensource COCO and get it all tagged. We can use OpenECU to make our Engines. The Tabby Car just got backed by Silicon Valley so now anyone can have an electric car, shipped for 24k including batteries. You can just throw a self driving A.I. on top of it. Download the TABBY EVO open source designs FREE - Open Motors The self driving A.I. can come from Comma.AI on github.
I wanted to see if I could make a network reciever when I was building my object detection. I think I ending up using MTU protocol if I remember. This is something fun I have been obsessed with for a long time. I wanted to give people with disabilities a way to get around because there aren’t enough specialized trainers to get it done, only 1200 for a population of 20 million. That’s why I wanted to use Controllers. Self driving solves the issues, but F1 has been using hand controlled steering, gas and brake for a while now. Since, Andresson Horrowitz just rasied 4 billion in May, and Teleport raised 9 million 2 days ago to make a decentrialized Uber, we could have fun and help them out and showcase the power of Opensource.

  1. My deliverables, I want to help grow this platform. I can link my github, it’s just the comma code, and I can share any screenshots or google drive stuff that I already have. I have already tried building this on raspberry pi, it’s unstable at best, but fun. We need Nvidia compute to do this. At the very least, My first step would be getting Torus integrated into current Self Driving OS by having it continuously ping network traffic would help me sleep better at night. Safety is key.
    2.My biz development to this point is my deliverables. I would if this platform had some PoS token that could be bound to each car to verify it’s nueral net integrity. Like a ‘Soul Token’ for a car. I can link my original stuff if you want, I’ll do that later. This is getting long. This is aimed at both the original platform creators, and all of you. I want to do this because all self driving cars have to be able to talk to each other, to work safely. At the very least, thanks for the feedback. Have a great day.

This post is very incoherent, and sounds more like a blog post, than a work proposal.

The other problem is the scale of work that you want to achieve is outside the scope of even the most well funded companies, some of whom have already went bankrupt, for example Cruse AI with $100 Billion of funding.

Please pare down your proposal.