Quizilla - an AI-powered quiz generator

Hey, I am building Quizilla - an AI-powered quiz generator. It’s a simple tool that allows anyone to convert an article into a quiz.

Who is the target audience?

Parents and teachers both want to test their children/students’ knowledge, so a tool like this is actually really helpful because they have a very quick way to know if they understand the concepts, which is only possible when you actually understand something.

Is there a need for this product?

Well, I did a Google keyword research and people are looking for such a tool. There are other such tools that exist and yes, that’s even valid - it’s a cool and needed product. Here is one such example: https://www.similarweb.com/website/flexiquiz.com/#overview.

Here is a live site where users can now log in:

quizilla dot vercel dot app

And here is the video link

I need to complete a website with a few tweaks. If I get the grants, most of the money will go to marketing and creating content around it and GPT3 credits.

And I am doing all of this in public.
through my Twitter - itsdunker