Room mate's dog generator: an AI web app that generates my room mate's dog using textual inversion

Name of Project: My room mate’s dog generator

Proposal in one sentence: I plan to have a website that generates images of my room mate’s dog possibly with an user inputted text prompt.

Grant Deliverables:

  • I already have a modified textual inversion model I made for this project. The below is one of the generated images. The owners of the dog was pretty happy since they haven’t seen a puppy version of their dog before.

  • I have experience deploying ml models so I’m happy to deploy here if the community wants!


Isamu Isozaki. So far this is a personal project that I just wanted to do.

Discord handle @Chad Kensington


Could be cool to try DreamBooth too (example). One thing is for sure: Pet owners enjoy pictures of their pets.

amazing idea. who better to encode than our pets!
What I’m wondering is how’s the training for this. I guess to teach new object/concept you have to do the whole training again… right?
I’d be up for a approach where you can train models with concepts/objects on the go and not wait for whole a lot.
This problem might not be as big for you since you’re doing it for a dog but millions of concepts exist and we can’t retrain every time.
Let me know what you think :thinking:

Thanks for the message! Yeah I tried dreambooth but when I did it seemed like it was overfitting to my images because it just photoshopped Frida into various situations. Also, the entire model needs to be saved so I’m a bit hesitant about that.

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Thanks! I was thinking about this too. The main problem with textual inversion is that every time a user wants a new concept, they need to retrain to get the right parameters. I do have an idea for skipping the training but I need to experiment more. The basic idea is trying to predict the text embeddings given say 6 images or so. Oh, @richardblythman do you provide GPUs for research purposes for grants by any chance?

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This idea is awesome!

Tried to reach out via discord. Couldn’t find you.

hop into the Algovera discord if you haven’t already Algovera

I’m currently gauging interest if applicants would present their project to the algovera community, ask questions, and connect.

Let me know if you’re up to it!

I’m the community manager @ algovera AI, btw! :wave:

Hi! Yup joined. Sounds good! I’ll first try recruiting some friends but I’m open to talk about the topic!

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We want to provide GPUs for the community but haven’t quite figured out the infrastructure for this yet. Let’s chat and we’ll see what we can do :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it! Sounds good.

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