Stable Diffusion Crypto API

we have built a stable diffusion cloud orchestration engine / inference api for a photoshop plugin for stable diffusion we have built, I would like to open up an api, and accept crypto payments for the inference requests, by using coinbase pay sdk to accept payments in fiat / crypto, or interacting with a smart contract to create access tokens. I believe I would just have to create a smart contract to create new tokens access tokens, and a query of all the access tokens made on the blockchain.

The API accepts a websocket connection, as well as the image and parameters and will return the results to the user / client using an authentication token, There is the traditional parameters which are compatible with the stable diffusion model, but I have also reduced the number of parameters using a linear regression to maximize the aesthetics, given the degree of “freedom/similarity” from the prompt text or image,

The dispatcher then dispatches a job to one of the many workers that are running. So far this consists of 12 Nvidia 3090 GPUs, but I have also built some code to deploy new GPU virtual machines on coreweave as needed. Moreover, the instances on coreweave are able to handle much higher resolution than those running on the 3090s, the 3090s themselves should be able to handle images up to 2386x2386, however an A100 80gb GPU can handle 4k HDR resolutions.

The deliverables would be a crypto API endpoint, tentatively with coinbase pay sdk if they approve me, and 50% of the sum of the grant to be assigned to access tokens, for the community to build apps around the inference api, and set aside for server rentals.

My “squad” consists of myself and a person named Mwni from germany, and I have asked him to reply below.

I have considered whether letting people “mine” stable diffusion jobs is a good idea, but the issue is with “well poisoning”, to make sure that the images were actually generated and not simply retrieved from a database, and how to control the image quality is high, so people do not “cheat” the system.

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