Technical Writing (Documentation)

Name of Project: Documentation of projects

Proposal in one sentence: Documentation of all projects in Algovera for easy understanding to all newbies willing to join our platform

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:
It would be much easier for newbies(like me) to have all the projects documented done so far. There are multiple playlists in the Algovera youtube channel. Me and my teammate recently completed documenting a playlist “Generative art hacking sessions” in a way that every newbie would easily understand the subject as we have included the data dictionary too.

GRANT: $500 (per playlist)

Grant Deliverables:

Sometimes, it’s not always convenient to watch videos. Instead a documentation can be read from anywhere and every where.

Here is the link to the documentation:


Swapna Akella - Profile - swapna - Algovera (
Spoorthy Akella - Profile - Spoorthyakella - Algovera (


Hey Swapna and Spoorthy :wave:

Great to meet you. This looks like awesome work! Would love to chat more about it by DM.
I wonder would you be able to add yourself to our community directory and include some details for your Discord handle so that I can reach out :slight_smile: