Wat.to - Smart NFT Search Round 2

Name of Project: Wat wat.to

Proposal in one sentence: Search for anything in NFT space with text, ** even better than before **. Just like you use Google search.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving: Two months ago we submitted the proposal on Algovera with the plan to release a text-based NFT search engine that delivers on multiple-features

  • Attribute search for 20+ popular collections (that had at least 5k eth in volume) with text
  • General market data search (example volume, floor; top collections; recent sales) with text
  • Enabling new kinds of searches not possible with current marketplace interfaces

We delivered on all of that while significantly improving UI and core functionality with autocomplete. Check out Wat here wat.to . The funds were used very well to pay for the machine learning endpoints on Huggingface and training the models on AWS and Google Colab.

We got a very positive reception from the NFT community and would like to take the project to the next steps. In particular, we would continue improving the core functionality of search and autocomplete (better training data, fixing small bugs) and the core website experience. In the meantime, several NFT platform developers reached out to us with the possibility of integrating our search bar into their platform.

So for this round of Algovera proposal, we would like to deliver on a few things:

  • Integrate Wat search bar into at least one NFT platform (which is not ours)
  • Improve core search experience. In particular, scale from a fixed set of 300 collections to new trending collections that are on major NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, LooksRare)
  • Add new search functionality depending on use-cases and feedback. One search functionality we would like to add is a collection search based on meta attributes. Example search collections with Japanese art and get all collections like that We have proof of concept already on Wat link but would like to extend it.


Hal https://twitter.com/bowtiedhal