AI database: open database of AI tools

Name of Project: AI tools database

Proposal in one sentence: Creating an open database of current AI tools, apps, models etc.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving: AI area boomed so fast that a lot of researches are needed. I want to conclude a research and create an open database with existing AI tools, apps, text generators, open source machine learning models etc.

So it is easier for anyone creating new projects within the space to:

  • identify new markets
  • explore existing tools and use them
  • grasp a current state of the art

Grant Deliverables:
Open database (Airtable or Notion) + research paper with methodology etc

Maja Cholewka (upperm)
Discord: upperm#8053

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This is an awesome idea! There are so many tools released every week that it’s hard to keep up.

Here are some of the sources that I currently use, that might be a good source of initial inspiration (with lots of room for improvement):

  • AI Pub on Twitter
  • AI FunHouse on Twitter
  • The AI Exchange was just launched a day or two ago. You can check out their list of existing products, and ideas for new use cases (that came from interviews)
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Nice idea! Might be a good idea to collaborate with huggingface on this

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Just an idea: if it scales, one way to handle access control for the database would be to use a DAO system, or something like

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cool idea! that would be something both AI and web3

I like the idea, but have a doubt on How will you source the data , is it gonna be something like product Hunt for AI products ??

Just came across this