Connecting reseachers in DeSci space

Name of Project: SciConnect

Proposal in one sentence: SciConnnect aims to create a platform for the DeSci community to find reseachers with similar interest and fields to connect with which in turn will boost scientific collaboration and other opportunities in web3 space.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

The popularity of DeSci is increasing everyday. With several DeSci DAOs helping researchers in several aspects of their scientific journey, more and more reseachers as well as non researchers interested in DeSci are joining the space to learn and thrive. As the ecosystem grows, it becomes more difficult to find those with similar interests particularly for someone new who has just started exploring the space.The DeSci community can truly leverage its potential if the researchers could find other researchers working in or interested in similar fields/project/ideas.

SciConnect aims to achieve this by using Machine Learning models to create a recommendation engine which would suggest the DeSci members based on your profile. This would not only help researchers to connect to one another to collaborate but also help them to find the sources of funding, connect with potential students. This would also help independent researchers find an ecosystem to explore opportunities and connections which would otherwise not be possible in traditional web2 space.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Collect the relevant data from DeSci DAOs
  • Finalize the requirements and the parameters used in the ML model
  • Create a recommendation engine


Squad Lead: Akshata

  • Twitter handle: AkshataM16

  • discord handle: akshata#6695

Sounds like a DeSci based socials for researchers. The idea is really interesting.
It would be nice if SciConnect facilitates researchers to publish their works as well. This could be helpful for students or others looking for resources in DeSci.
Students or entry level persons into DeSci could be onboarded to DeSci via SciConnect by having educational contents created or shared by Researchers.

Thanks for your suggestion! I have already implemented a platform for researchers to upload their research papers. In the future, SciConnect will definitely evolve to onboard more researchers and have publications/research articles as well.