Contract Sentinel: AI smart contract auditing

Name of Project: Contract Sentinel

Proposal in one sentence:

Make an application that leverages the power of AI to audit smart contracts, providing peace of mind and ensuring their security.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

The problem with smart contracts is that they are prone to errors and vulnerabilities, which can have serious consequences if not detected and corrected. To ensure the safety of your contracts, it is essential to identify and fix any vulnerabilities before deploying it to the blockchain. The app will be trained to recognize the types of security vulnerabilities and issues commonly found in smart contracts. After the model is trained, you can use the app to analyze new or existing smart contracts by providing it with the contract code and any related information. The model will use this data to identify potential security vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for addressing or mitigating them.

The demo app is currently available here for users to try, and feedback is being gathered to make improvements.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Data generation to train a GPT-3 model (or alternative solution) to improve app results
  • Web app that make consistent audits for smart contacts

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Currently, the demo app is sending a prompt with the contract to the GPT-3 API, which leads to inconsistent results. Sometimes it is able to identify vulnerabilities, while other times it fails to do so. I am seeking someone who can help me generate data to train a GPT-3 model. I believe this is the most efficient way to improve the app’s performance without expending a lot of resources, particularly time, in case the app needs to pivot. However, if someone has an equally efficient alternative solution and is willing to assist, I am open to considering it."



  • Twitter handle: @AFelipePedreros
  • Discord handle: felipe2894#8319