DailyLook: AI generated makeup looks to recreate/remix!

Name of Project: DailyLook

Proposal in one sentence:
DailyLook is an app that will inspire makeup enthusiasts, providing a unique and creative look to try each day, and a platform to share their recreation with the community.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

DailyLook is an app that combines the creativity of makeup artistry with the convenience of AI and the social interaction of a community. Every day, a new and unique makeup look will be generated by our AI, inspiring users to try their hand at recreating it with their own products. They can then share their results on the app, connect with other makeup enthusiasts, and be inspired by the endless possibilities of self-expression through makeup.

This app could solve several problems that makeup enthusiasts might face. First, it could provide inspiration for new and creative looks that users might not have thought of on their own. Second, it could provide a platform for users to connect with and learn from other makeup enthusiasts, exchange tips and ideas, and get feedback on their own looks. Third, it could provide a fun and social way for users to engage with makeup and feel part of a community. Overall, this app could make the process of trying out new makeup looks more accessible, enjoyable, and interactive for users all while showcasing a way that AI can be useful in this process.

Grant Deliverables:

  • V0 Website with an AI-generated photo featuring a makeup look will be available once every day.
  • Users will be able to create a profile to post/share their looks on the website. They will also be able to share to places like Twitter at the click of a button!
  • Documentation on how to use the app/how it works, etc.
  • Twitter thread with the story of how the app idea came to mind, info on how it was built, and any support received (ie: if this project gets accepted as a grantee)
  • Video presentation of app complete with voice walkthrough.


Squad Lead: Kristen / CuddleofDeath (she/her)

Squad members: Jeremy / iTubbsy (he/him)

  • Twitter handle: @itubbsy
  • Discord handle: Tubbsy#5157

Additional notes
I found out about this opportunity through Developer DAO as I am a member (DD #3110), thank you so much for your consideration and good luck to all of the other awesome project submissions as well.


Awesome idea :raised_hands:

Are you imagining this app to upload images of your face and the output would be a myriad of different makeup designs?

  1. AI-generated makeup could reveal so many creative ways for people to do makeup. There is something kinda like this already here but not exactly what I’d imagine
  2. How are you thinking about technically implementing the AI model? Have you thought about how you’ll get/create datasets to train the AI model on? Are there already cleaned preset datasets available to use?