DeSo for Algovera

Name of Project: DeSo for Algovera

Proposal in one sentence:

Web3 social media for Algovera use-case.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Solving the problem of relying on centralized modules like hugging faces, we can implement a light-weight module for a Social media for Algovera where you can use your Web3 wallet to interact with the interface.

Grant Deliverables:

Grant Deliverable 1

First iteration and framework for the deso module after discussing with Algovera

Grant Deliverable 2

Deliver a template that can be improved by the Algovera community

Grant Deliverable 3

Community call hacking session with those who are interested to know more about the project, close to the completion.

Funding Requested: 1000$

Other info:

Proof of work:

Co-worked with Richard, DrPrk.Eth on a BUILD-IT Polygon hackathon for a front-end sample marketplace

Value add for Algovera community:

Having a decentralized social media would be one of the key ingredients in building a community space for the growing Algovera members.

Project Lead
Arpit Jain (Discord - majorcrap#5135)


Community is an essential foundational layer for Algovera, this sounds very promising!


this is pretty sweet! it would be awesome if this was more generalized to be organization agnostic, and algovera could be a case study.


also, there’s a decentralized version of reddit built on ICP you might even be able to fork:

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thanks for the awesome information.