Dreamer | Building doctor's brand with Generative models

Project Statement
One statement: Dreamer is model ensemble allowing doctors to generate and share marketing copies and interactive posters to build their personal brand leverage their clinical experience. This will go into an existing platform with over 1000+ doctors this month.

Doctor’s public perception is not usually highlighted in public despite of their integral position in society. This project will allow doctors to share medical information with interactive design. The project will have 3 components: Text model for information generation from given topic (eg: Migraine), Image model to produce an asset based on text generated/edited and an image processing modeule combining them over defined design templates. All that in seconds without doctors hiring a graphic designer and content writer, giving all powers to them!

Dreamer v0 which is producing posters given a topic.

Amit Singh (metamyth)
R&D, Paperplane Technology
Twitter: https://twitter.com/not_amyth?t=BSpbbssQAIkrRAgg1ZTUIQ&s=09
Discord: metamyth #8558
USDC Wallet Address: 0x0159af752e0220ed3eef439bef36f982cc0a6fbf


Hey Amit ,

The idea seems very cool , to highlight the social presence of doctors and their perception in public .

What tool would you be using to generate these text and image assets ? Are you going to train a model specifically for medical space ?

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Yes more or less. I’m building brand building suite with this project. Can be technical info as well as bit of branding.