Eden protocol: Leveraging AI for better project/person matches

Proposal in one sentence:

Eden utilizes ML techniques to analyze personal and project profiles to find the best match based on skills, interests, previous experiences, on-chain endorsements, (social) interactions and availability.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Today, in DAOs, many great opportunities remain buried beneath overwhelming discord channels, outdated notion tables, DM’s, and a multitude of calls amongst only a handful of the most dedicated people - making it a hassle for DAO members to find opportunities to learn, earn, contribute or connect. The harder it is for members to find people & opportunities to contribute, the harder it is for the DAO to engage & retain talent, the less likely the DAO will be able to succeed in its mission, as the people are the DAO.

We’re solving this problem by making it frictionless & hyper-relevant to find the right opportunities through a high-quality project/person matching assistant, called “Eden” (fka as Soil in Developer_DAO). As people find & engage in relevant projects with ease, the DAO becomes healthier, more effective & long term (economically) viable.

Eden utilizes ML techniques to analyze personal and project profiles to find the best match based on skills, interests, previous experiences, on-chain endorsements, (social) interactions and availability. To benefit from Eden, community members set up their profile through a one-time onboarding process. What makes Eden special, is the ability to participate in community driven, on-chain, progressive profiling: this means that relevancy markers such as endorsements are being added to your profile by the community all the time. Leveraging skin in the game mechanics, data is peer reviewed which ensures the data, such as endorsements, is trustworthy and has meaning. On the project side it looks quite similar. Project Champions are guided through a project onboarding process that makes sure data is qualitative. This information is then used to match the right people with the right projects.

Grant Deliverables:

  1. An event bringing together Algovera.ai, Developer DAO & the contributors at Eden :deciduous_tree: using the Eden :deciduous_tree: person/person matching tool through speed mentoring.
  2. Brand Collaterals for Eden :deciduous_tree: to start growing beyond Developer DAO

We are lucky to have an amazing team of 25 core contributors born from the Developer_DAO. For the sake of brevity, we’re mentioning the two founders & project leads relevant to this application here + we have added a slide with an overview of all the contributors. :slight_smile:


Miltiadis Saratzidis

Tech Lead

CTO, relevant Fullstack, Blockchain & ML experience

Github: https://github.com/BluePanda-io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miltiadis-saratzidis-b1a396129/

Background: BS CS, Masters ML, PhD Deep Learning; Tech lead role in major corporations; CTO in fintech company; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

co-founder at FInseka.pl


Tom Husson

Product Lead

Github: https://github.com/HussonT

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-husson-b30a48a1/

Background: BS CS, CEO & founder of digital innovation consultancy; Podcast host theimpactbillionaires.com; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

Founder at Humain.ai


Lolita Mileta

UI designer | Community Facilitation | Research


Background: BS in Political Science & International Relations, PM Scrum Master in Sabre Corporation; UI designer; project facilitator



Strat | Brand

10 years of strategy experience (consulting and corporate), then built two talent businesses in Asia (two exits), now a web3 consultant with Bankless Consulting (part of Bankless DAO) and active contributor to talent coordination and GTM.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/adrienneyoungman


Tyrone Dunmore

Backend | Product

Upcoming CS graduate @ The University of DC; Community Manager @ Developer DAO; Backend & Product @ Soil Github:

Github: https://github.com/tyronedunmore


I feel honored and excited to finally publish a proposal on Round 4 of Algovera, I had an incredible one and a half hour chat with @richardblythman which we went to incredible depth of values and possible collaboration of Eden :deciduous_tree: protocol and Algovera

and then I had a second call with @hithesh_algovera which was on the other side of the spectrum going full philosophical about DAOs academia and then a bit of Eden

I am just grateful and inspired, I hope I will meet more of you guys in the community

to give you some context I am Senior Deep Learning Engineer, was working in my web2 life in Goldman Sachs. I am super comfortable with NLP, GCNN, classic CNN etc.


I really loved our chat too. I think we could have gone on all day! I’m hugely excited to continue to develop our relationship and explore possible collaborations. In particular, I’m really looking forward to learning about your approach to community building (and how you make such great use of your gather.town HQ.

The problem that you aim to solve with Eden is one that I experience regularly. Successful projects require many different types of stakeholders to come together. For Algovera (a DAO of data scientists), to collaborate with a DAO of another type of stakeholder (e.g. DeveloperDAO) requires that I first take a lot of time to join the community, build a reputation and find the individuals interested in working together. It’s just not scalable. I’m captivated at the prospect of using data science and recommender systems to make this process more efficient.


Boooom, yes 10000% and I think that one of the most important parts will be to understand how to draw the line on the balance of Machine Learning and human touch, which was part of my PhD

Definitely, I think that @Milo will have something to say about Gather Town, she created the whole map for us, and right now she is the head of the event organization, together with being a member of the design team and Grants team. Truly a monster of impact, don’t even understand where this energy comes from :slight_smile:


hey @richardblythman, @bluepanda was so excited after your meeting, said it is insane to find such a likeminded person, who understand problem so deeply!
as for Gather Town HQ - I built those for our team so would looove to tell you how formalities are working out (strategic placement, zoning, game nights etc).
Super excited to be working with Algovera!!


“the balance of machine learning and human touch” Fascinating. Would love to hear more about the findings from your research. We have started to think more about human- and user-centric AI. One of our contributors silentspring (a former AI product designer) has been developing a framework that our Squads can apply to their projects. Another topic for many future conversations!

It’s a pleasure to meet you @Milo. I’ve heard amazing things about how you use the virtual space to enhance the sense of community. @hithesh_algovera and I would love to hear all about your thinking behind it. Looking forward to meeting you in avatar form! :grin:

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One way that we can do it is to open Eden :deciduous_tree: HQ to Algovera for some hours, we can make our 4-person meeting in our HQ, and after the meeting you can bring any other people that may be interested to see how we operate and how it looks like :slight_smile:

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Does this project have any socials?

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We’re working on them! :)) For now we can share the initial proposal in developer DAO Talent Coordination Bot Proposal - Soil 🌱 - Unlock Community Powered Opportunity - S1 Budget Application - Budgets/Grants - Developer DAO

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Really fun being in your space and listening to the Presentation to @impactbilli.eth, incredible work with Gather, and in general ints really fun working with guys

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