Microclimate-Strain Map

Microclimate-Strain Map

Proposal in one sentence:

Mapping of microclimates to optimal species, strains and suppliers of seeds and bio cultures.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Problem: While some data is available for some regions on microclimate, it is rarely matched with data on species and strains that are optimal for that microclimate, or suppliers of these species and strains. Having an open and more globally complete picture of gene-to-table data would benefit growers worldwide that cannot access research resources. This could also help the market better price bio supplies and achieve better yields of crops.

This project aims to:

  • Create open, reliable and traceable data on gene-to-table results per microclimate.
  • Bring to small farmers and urban growers the ability to tailor strains to microclimates.
  • Design an initial framework for a model to better understand and display microclimates-strain results.

This can be especially beneficial for subsistence farming in developing countries and for urban farming in both developing and developed countries. Both benefit from matching strain traits to a small climate niche.

Grant Deliverable 1
Research to establish available open source data for mapping microclimates to species, strain and/or supplier.

Grant Deliverable 2
Outline of a framework for a model to better understand and display microclimates-strain results.


Twitter: yishai_o

Community directory: Yishai Ofek.

Note: Part of the grant will be allocated for a freelancer data scientist. Open to cooperation with community members who are passionate about Agtech, Climatech and urban farming.


Think this could be particularly relevant for identifying species useful for regenerating micro climates as well.