Modular Connections

I’m proposing a localhosted web user interface that makes users append Gradio/Streamlit modules within their own computer as well as using Gradio compatible Hugginface spaces, and connecting Hugginface spaces with their own projects. My current approach is using custom input components, allowing users to pass arguments to the Gradio/Streamlit modules; as well as possible output components, given that information needs to be passed down the pipeline to another module. The way we would be able to trigger these processes is by using ray actors. I am also working collaboratively with Gradio to build out this application specifically with Gradio tools.


  • Module components
  • Connecting module components together for them to interact with each other.

(the image above is a prototype, I currently have these connections for show)

are these duplicates by the same person?

I can probably clear this up bitconnect is my brother and completely separate project; the project I propose for being able to stream Gradio/Streamlit application and connecting them is my project.

He uses a derivative of what I built for his own purposes, which I also work on. The Gradio-Flow is a couple of commits behined the Modular flow which is why you see Modular Flow in the picture within my proposal.

Sorry for the confusion

Luca Vivona