Proposal: AI for impact

Project Name:
Myseelia: Collective intelligence for planetary regeneration

Proposal in one sentence:
Develop an AI-powered platform that uses a distributed knowledge graph to provide insights and recommendations for positive impact projects and investments.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:
Humanity is facing a range of interconnected challenges, including ecological, economic, and geopolitical issues. To overcome these challenges, we need to harness our collective knowledge and wisdom to make sense of complex systems and make informed decisions.

Myseelia aims to do this by using AI to gain insights from a distributed knowledge graph that holds data about people, organizations, and projects focused on positive impact. This data will be used to train machine learning models that can predict the likelihood of connections between different entities in the graph, identify communities and clusters within the data, and generate synthetic graphs for scenario testing.

These insights will be valuable for individuals and organizations looking to coordinate their efforts and make a positive impact.

A key design principle is fair compensation contributions to the system. For example, data contributions will be incentivized with revenue from AI services that derive value from the data. Feedback on the quality and usefullness of the services will also be incentivized, to help improve the system. Feedback could even be used to help determine the relative value of the data, and the revenue generated from the data commons could be distributed to the data providers in proportion to the value of their data.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Develop an MVP with a knowledge graph of impact data
  • Develop machine reasoning and machine learning models to gain insights from the graph
  • Build UI for interacting with the graph and AI via queries and recommendations.

Squad Lead: Darren

  • Twitter handle: @zaldarren
  • Discord handle: DarrenZ#0122

Squad members:

  • Twitter handle: @jennnbaez
  • Discord handle: Radical Rebalancing#1672
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Just thinking out loud, it seems that two useful components to consider are

  • incentivization of data contributions to the knowledge graph
  • feedback mechanism for some of these models to learn how provide better recommendations
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Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree and I am planning to include both of those components.