Proposal: GPT3 for DAO Governance

Proposal in one sentence:

Develop a DAOGPT3 which assists governors and professional delegates in DAOs to build and summarise proposals

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:


DAO Governance is a niche talent today and it costs a lot of time to:

a. Summarise proposals which go to snapshot from RFC stage on discourse

b. Expand proposal contents based on initial ideas

c. Summarise idea discussions in discord into a draft proposal

Project Summary:

  • DAOGPT3 will use training data from IPs(Improvement Proposals) and RFCs(Request for comments) to develop an MVP(Minimum Viable Product)
  • jengajojo will test the MVP for a few proposals

Grant Deliverables:

PoC app using pre-trained GPT-3 or ChatGPT


Squad Lead: jengajojo
Twitter handle:
discord handle: jengajojo.eth🏴#5896

Req: looking for a data scientist and other technical talent to work with me to develop an MVP

Squad Lead Background:

Jenga has been active in the DAO space for over 18 months and is mainly involved in project management and governance. This proposal is specifically geared to support DAOStewards a meta-governance group from BanklessDAO with active delegations in Euler.Finance, SAFE DAO & 1inchDAO