Proposal - Health X Change - Structure and Pull Healthcare Data for US Patients : Round 8 and updates from Round 5

Name of Project: Health X Change

Proposal in one sentence: We aim to compensate users in crypto in exchange for access to their health data.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Description : We pay US based users with our token in exchange for access to their data. We will then anonymize and aggregate data across our user base and apply ML models to figure out disease state correlations with measurable biomarkers (ie. genome, analyte levels etc.). We then plan to commercialize these insights in the form of pharma partnerships and use the revenue generated to transfer value back to the holders of our token (ie. our users).

Problems we solve: In the United States, health data is currently bought and sold without explicit patient permission, hospitals and other health companies do this on behalf of the patient without actually compensating patients. We want to make sure patients are properly compensated for data the rightfully own.

Additionally, we believe that creating a dataset like this at scale will yield novel drug targets and assets, which will be more effective than the current standard of care. On top of therapeutics, this data set can be leveraged to create predictive disease models to diagnose patients at an earlier, more curable stage of disease (ie. early detection of cancer).

We propose an ecosystem model like the one described above to provide value to users who choose to share data with us.

Previous Grant Deliverables (Round 5):

  • UI design principles write up - Link
  • Mock up of Health X Change UI - Medical History Timeline - Link
  • Health Data API Vendor selection process complete - Particle Health chosen as vendor

Growth/Milestones Achieved Since Last Grant:

  • Twitter Followers - ~50 → ~1350
  • Discord Members - ~50 → ~950
  • Verified on Quest 3
  • Listed on DeSci World
  • Listed on AlphaGrowth
  • Collaboration with

Proposed Grant Deliverables (Round 8):

  • Continue designing the back end architecture in order to streamline future AI / ML model creation
  • Architecture must also comply with HIPAA and GDPR - designs must take this into account
  • Continue mocking up other portions of the application

Spread the Love

We are looking for an SWE with experience with FHIR / healthcare data. Ideally this person has helped build data product in the healthcare space and has a basic understanding of ML (enough to assist in building a data strategy)

Official Twitter: @Health_XChange

Hari Jayaraman – CEO & Founder
Digital Health Consultant, Ex-BlackRock, Biochemist by Training
Twitter - @HariJayaraman3

Sridhar Madala – CTO & Co-founder
Cloud Architect, Experience in early stage D2C and B2B startups, Biologist by Training


Here are the links to our website and our discord. Unfortunately we cannot post more than two links, but I can provide the project listing and verification links to anyone who is interested, just DM me!

Official Website: (Whitepaper available on website)
Official Discord: Health X Change