Proposal: NLPforEdu (Med) - Applying NLP in automating manual things in Medical education domain to make them just focus on learning

NLPforEdu (Med)

Proposal in One Sentence

Using Deep Learning and LLM models to help the education domain easier by reducing the manual work a learner has to do and help them focus only on things they need to do.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

Domains that include heavy text like Medical (law, etc) have a lot of overhead a learner has to create to make their preparation or a practitioner has to refer (for example making a table regarding a disease, referring through multiple textbooks to search for a symptom (google doesn’t know everything). Thus we aim to provide this leaway and help them do what they have to.

This project is for the medical domain after significant Market Research.

Target domain includes

  • Medical Students
  • Practitioners
  • Professors

Basically anyone has to or want to work in this domain.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Entities and their relationships using LLMs with suitable prompts for each sub-component.

Spread the Love:

I am working alone in this NLP module and I am more than happy to welcome anyone with interest to work together. And if you have domain data (medical here) it will be a big help.


Jaswanth - Data Scientist with NLP experience.

Twitter : @NLPforEDU