Science Letter: AI personalized Science Newsletter

Proposal in one sentence:

Science Letter is a personalized Newsletter to easily keep up to date with research on any topic, in any language and in any format by leveraging AI to adapt content based on reader preference.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

The project aims to:

  • :books:Make the experience of staying informed about science the most pleasant and efficient as possible, tailoring the content to your preferences.
  • :earth_africa: Increase the reach of scientific insights by making them more accessible to audiences of any language or technical level.

Note that Science Letter leverages AI for web scraping, semantic search, translation and customized content generation, automating the whole crafting workflow.

This is just a starting point, would love to hear ideas and suggestions to iterate it!

Grant Deliverables:

  • Including more Journals sources (We alreadt include Arxiv, Medrxiv, Biorxiv).
  • Improved Semantic Search engine.
  • Improved email templates.
  • What about a podcast about the papers instead of an email? Will give it a try!


Additional notes for proposals

  • Check first Letter examples here
  • Check the video of v0 demo here
  • Featured on Ben’s Bites AI Newsletter (Feb 09)
  • We have +60 already, subscribe here !

The Science Letter sounds like an intriguing project. It’s great that it aims to make staying informed about science as efficient and personalized as possible, and that it uses AI to do so. Adding more journal sources and improving the semantic search engine are great next steps, and incorporating a podcast could be a good idea too. Best of luck with the project!


Thank you for sharing your proposal for Science Letter, a personalized newsletter that aims to make staying informed about science a pleasant and efficient experience, tailored to readers’ preferences. The use of AI for web scraping, semantic search, translation, and customized content generation to automate the crafting workflow is a great idea and has the potential to make scientific insights more accessible to audiences of any language or technical level.

Your proposal includes well-defined grant deliverables, which show a clear measure of success for the project. The idea of a podcast about the papers is also interesting, and it could provide another way for readers to consume the content, which may be more appealing to some readers.

It would be helpful to have more details on how you plan to implement the improved semantic search engine and email templates. Additionally, it would be good to have a clear understanding of how you plan to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content generated by the AI.

Overall, I think your proposal has great potential, and I encourage you to continue working on it. With careful planning and execution, your project could make significant contributions to science communication, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience. Good luck with your project, and I look forward to seeing its progress in the future.

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