- Smart Contract Tooling Powered by AI

Name of Project: -

Proposal in one sentence: - is a set of tools that allow users to understand a smart contract in Natural language , Create Contracts and even Audit them with the power of AI .

Tryout Link - We hacked a platform to implement “Understand Smart contracts” feature as a try version of what we are doing - Give it a shot here -


  • Non - Techies using the dApps , can’t understand the complex code of the Smart Contracts before using them, code although being open sourced.
  • The Smart Contract Auditing and Security is hectic for majority of developers and is a long process.


Smart Contract fyi is a collection of tools Powered by GPT-3 ( a tool from OPEN AI ) to give results in matter of Second . We offer these services :-

  • Understand Smart Contract code in natural language , summarised down to few lines.
  • Get your Smart Contract Audited and find Vulnerabilities in the Code
  • Create new Smart Contract code just by giving a Task
  • Generate the Flow of the Smart Contract Code

Grant Usage:

  • Website hosting and Domain purchase
  • OPEN AI Credits - to keep the tool free for all

Grant Deliverables:

Website launch with 5 major feature

  • Understanding Smart Contracts
  • Create Smart Contract
  • Get your Smart Contract Audited
  • Find vulnerabilities in Smart Contract
  • Create the flow chart of a Smart Contract


  1. Dhruv Agarwal (Developer_DAO Member)
  • @0xdhruva — Twitter
  • 0xdhruv#1370 — Discord
  1. Archit Sharma
  • @Arcsh7 — Twitter
  • ArchitSharma7#8088 - Discord