- Smart Contract Tooling

Name of Project:

Proposal in one sentence: is A one stop solution to understand and make smart contracts better.


  • Non - Techies using the dApps , can’t understand the complex code of the Smart Contracts , code although being open sourced.
  • Smart Contract Auditing and Security is necessary but complex and very long process .
  • Resources are only available for famous Languages such as Solidity and Rust
  • No support for Prominent Natural languages such as Spanish , French , German


Smart Contract fyi is a Smart Contract Tooling platform Powered by GPT-3 to give results in few seconds . Our tools include :

  • Understand Smart Contract code according to your preferences
  • Get your Smart Contract Audited and find Vulnerabilities in the Code
  • Create new Smart Contract code just by giving a Task
  • Multi Smart Contract language support
  • Various Natural Language Support

Links :

Updates from ROUND 9

  • New & Modern UI is now live on the website
  • Interactive Dashboard to check all the tools and calls made
  • Subscription Based plans added for Professional & Personal Usage with a free tier
  • Improved results & customisability with a new prompts added
  • New Tool. - Gas Optimization added for saving gas

Grant Deliverables:

  • Multi Contract Language support for Rust , Cairo , Vyper
  • New Support for Natural languages such as Spanish , German , French
  • Improve the Auditing , process by showing High , Medium & Low level
  • Direct Deployed Contract support for Understand and Audit


  1. Dhruv Agarwal (Developer_DAO Member)
  • @0xdhruva — Twitter
  • 0xdhruv#1370 — Discord
  1. Archit Sharma
  • @Arcsh7 — Twitter
  • ArchitSharma7#8088 - Discord

Great work folks, I’m a frontend developer and I used your application to understand some smart-contracts and I was blown away by the results. I was able to easily understand the contracts and it helped me work on my project. Keep it up :smiley:

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Thanks for the genuine feedback ser , let us know if you have any questions , happy to help. Also if you want a new feature drop that too , will try to bring it for sure